Finally one of the best South Asian Wedding Workshops in Cancun and Riviera Maya!

J&S Audio Visual and Hindu weddings specialist: Sheema Anwar joined forces organizing a South Asian Weddings Workshop in Cancun and Riviera Maya with the main purpose of sharing everything related to Hindu weddings, their celebrations, meaning of each holiday, element and the most relevant to know how to sell, organize and carry out such magnificent celebrations within a Hindu and Sikh wedding.

Sheema Anwar

A good Workshop would not be a good Workshop if it wouldn´t be conducted by someone with years of experience in this subject. This is another reason that makes the South Asian Wedding Workshop organized by J&S Audio Visual & Sheema Anwar a unique opportunity to gain the knowledge and skill to set yourself apart within the Destination Wedding industry and get to know how J&S Audio Visual can help you creating this perfect wedding experience.

With more than 7 years of experience, Sheema is one of the most prestigious wedding planning experts in countries such as Canada and Mexico to name a few.  This makes her the ideal expert to conduct this workshop where she covers themes such as how to sell, plan and operate such important celebrations of this rich Asian culture.

During this workshop we will cover the meaning of all the elements that are part of an authentic Hindu wedding such as the location, the wedding photographer, the DJ for its special music, catering and banquet, the specific flowers that have special meanings, the wedding dress, schedules for each celebration like Sangeet, Mendhi, Baraat, Pithi, Puja, Sihk ceremony, Cocktail and Dinner reception among many more interesting elements that one needs to keep in mind when organizing a Hindu Wedding celebration.

Highly reputable and well known sponsors.

In addition to the presence of Sheema Anwar, we will have the participation of important suppliers and prestigious service providers such as hotels, catering services, flowers, decoration, furniture, DJ and ofcourse J&S Audio Visual for the audiovisual and Scenic design.

All this to ensure that what you learned during this South Asian Weddings Workshop you will be able to apply directly to attract new clients within this market segment. You will be able set your self apart as an expert towards clients coming from a Hindu background and be able to sell, organizing and operate successfully Hindu weddings.

Another advantage of participating in this Hindu wedding workshop is that through our partner sponsers you will receive exclusive offers to help you create competing  and attractive packages for your clients.

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